Blog Hiatus

June 19, 2011

With apologies, I’ve decided to put the blog into hiatus for a while. I’ve been really enjoying and valuing the conversations I’ve been participating in here and elsewhere – and I aim to continue those conversations that are presently in progress, as it were, although it may take me a little while to reply to people. Nevertheless, I think my time will, for some time, be better spent on tasks other than blogging.

Though there are real-world obligations I need to attend to, this isn’t a decision that’s entirely external to the content of the blog. I’ve been working for a long time now on how to understand the kinds of phenomena I was discussing in my most recent series of posts. Those posts, I feel, successfully articulate the central concepts of the theory of practice I endorse. That is to say, they fulfil the principal task I set myself as the first part of my broader project – at least to my own satisfaction.

Now there’s a world of difference between fulfilling an intellectual task to one’s own satisfaction, and fulfilling it to anyone else’s satisfaction. One of the things I’ve learned in my participation in this online community of intellectual discussion, is that the work of articulation and persuasion is the bulk of the work involved in intellectual practice (although the work of articulation can often involve a solidification and, at times, a transformation of conceptual content, and so cannot be fully separated from the work of thought).

I have a lot more to do, in other words, in the elaboration and detailed articulation of the practice-theoretic perspective I advocate. I’ll aim to continue that work when I start blogging here again – along with other things. However, this theoretical perspective is also something that I’ve been wanting to nail down, to my own satisfaction, for a long time, for other reasons, and before attempting various other tasks. Now that I’ve done that, I’m going to shift personal focus towards some non-intellectual matters. At the moment I’m thinking of spending a year or so away from blogging, but that’s a rather arbitrary guess.

I’m sad about this – I’ll miss blogging and, especially, interacting with people in this online community, very much. At the same time, I think this is a good decision.

In lieu of new content I thought I’d link to the bloggers I’ve found most value in reading or interacting with over the last few years. Which of these you’ll enjoy depends on why you read the blog, but they all intersect with the work done here in one way or another.

Dead Voles – Carl Dyke and company
Deontologistics – Pete Wolfendale
Ktismatics – John Doyle
Limited, Inc. – Roger Gathman
The Luxemburgist – Reid Kane’s political blog
Planomenology – Reid Kane’s philosophy blog
Qlipoth – multiple authors
Rough Theory – N Pepperell
What In The Hell – Nate H

I’m also going to link again to Martin Jolly’s most recent music, because it is remarkable, and not enough people have clicked through.

Thank you for reading. 🙂