This page hosts links to and author copies of my formal academic publications, presentations, working papers, and journalism. Last updated January 2019.

Refereed Papers:

Law, D. & Pepperell, N. (2016). Sociology and the mirror of nature: Robert Brandom and the strong program. Journal of Sociology, online first [link] [PDF]

Pepperell, N. & D. Law. (2015). The Internet imaginary: Between technology and technique. M/C Journal, 18(2) [link] [PDF]

Refereed Conference Proceedings:

Law, D. & Pepperell, N. (2018). Oppression in the commons: cautionary notes on Elinor Ostrom’s concept of self-governance. [PDF]

Law, D. (2016). Theorising internal institutional diversity: Elinor Ostrom on rules and social conflict [PDF] [External PDF]

Law, D. & N. Pepperell. (2014). Knowledge and social practice: Robert Brandom and the strong programme [PDF]

Conference Presentations:

Law, D. (2014). Scientific boundary-work and the contested status of open science [PDF]

Law, D. (2009). Two ontologies of materialism: From Non-Philosophy to non philosophy [PDF]

Working Papers:


Law, D. (2016). Labour’s Crises. Jacobin. [Link]


Polanyian ‘republic of science’ prisoner’s dilemma model  (2019) NetLogo. [Forthcoming]

Scientific opinion dynamics voter model variant. (2019) NetLogo. [Forthcoming]

‘Continuous opinion discrete actions’ open inputs science model. (2019) NetLogo [Forthcoming]


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