Kia ora.

I’m Duncan Law, and this is my blog. I’m a political economist and social theorist based in Aotearoa New Zealand. I use the blog as a way to think through my ideas, as well as to make notes on works I’m reading.

The blog ranges quite widely, but I would say I have two broad areas of research interest.

First, I’m interested in institutional political economy: the theorisation of how institutional structures shape our economic lives.

Second, I’m interested in philosophical pragmatism, in particular the work of Robert Brandom.

A lot – though by no means all – of the things I write about on the blog lie at the intersection of these two research areas. That is to say, either very philosophical institutional political economy, or applied pragmatist philosophy.

I don’t have an academic appointment, and I’m not affiliated with any academic institution, so this is a purely amateur endeavour. I do have some academic training – a BA (Hons) in philosophy and a Ph.D. in economics. The topic of my PhD was ‘The reputational economics of open inputs science’, so I will sometimes also write about the economics of science and innovation here. You can find downloadable copies of my infrequent academic publications on the ‘publications’ page.

The blog is, I guess, as much ‘for me’ as for any possible readers, and therefore may not always be ideally lucid or accessible – but I hope you find something of some interest here even so.

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