“the violence in London today is totally unacceptable”

December 11, 2010

Alfie Meadows, a philosophy student at Middlesex University, was struck as he tried to leave the area outside Westminster Abbey during last night’s tuition fee protests, his mother said.

After falling unconscious on the way to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, he underwent a three-hour operation for bleeding on the brain.

Susan Meadows, 55, an English literature lecturer at Roehampton University, said: “He was hit on the head by a police truncheon. He said it was the hugest blow he ever felt in his life. The surface wound wasn’t very big but three hours after the blow, he suffered bleeding to the brain. He survived the operation and he’s in the recovery room.”

But nothing can stop the liberal press, all aflutter at paint thrown at the Rolls Royce carrying the heir to the throne, from compliantly propagandising for the police and the ruling coalition. The “violence” in question here is not the hospitalisation with internal bleeding requiring a three hour operation of a 20-year-old, but paint thrown at a car. From the same page in the Guardian as that which covers the brutal and unprovoked attack by armed agents of the state on a 20-year-old student exercising his right to protest, we have this:

It would be silly as well as cynical to imagine that David Cameron is privately pleased to see public indignation so easily deflected from his government’s controversial policy. Or that Nick Clegg is positively thrilled to have a day off from his new constitutional role as air raid shelter for the Tories.

Why? Because they’re not wicked or stupid. Trouble on the streets means political trouble and ill-affordable expense for the coalition. Two thousand coppers on overtime cost money.

Oh who will think of the Metropolitan Police’s payroll department?


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