Marx Reading Group – Links

August 26, 2009

Okay – Nate came up with the excellent idea of having an online reading group focussed on something by Marx. Participants so far [UPDATED]: Nate; N Pepperell; Reid Kane; Carl Dyke; Mikhail Emelianov; JCD; Mike Beggs; Michael Burns; possibly Nick Srnicek; Lumpenprofessoriat; yours truly. JCD has set up a Yahoo! Pipes aggregator to provide a feed of Reading Group-related posts, which should be sitting in the sidebar at this very moment – it gathers up posts containing the keyword ‘Marx’ in their titles. I’ll also do my best to cull links from the aggregator and the blogs, and put them up in this post as we go. If you want to join in and the pipe doesn’t register your post, leave a comment here (or somewhere else noticeable) and I’ll add you to the links list.

We may not get started properly for a little while yet, but the first reading matter will be Chapter 25 of Capital Volume I.

Reading Group Posts:

14/8/09: Nate. What in the hell… could make me more dense?
24/8/09: JCD. Internet Reading Group on Marx
29/8/09: Mikhail. Start Your School Year Right. Read Some Marx.

28/8/09: Nate. What in the hell… Marx will we be reading?
30/8/09: Me. Marx’s sarcasm
13/9/09: NP. Revisiting the Product of the Hand
14/9/09: Nate. What in the Hell… is Marx doing in chapter 24?
15/9/09: NP. Valued Matter
16/9/09: NP. Malthusian Asides
29/9/09: Reid. Eliminative Marxism 1: Notes on Eliminativism
2/10/09: Lumpenprofessoriat. The General Law of Capitalist Accumulation
24/10/09: Me. Chapter 25, Section I
07/12/09: Me. Chapter 25, Part II [Part One]
01/01/10: Nate. What in the hell… is going on in ch25 of v1 of Marx’s Capital?
14/03/10: Me. Initial Remarks on Value Theory


11 Responses to “Marx Reading Group – Links”

  1. i’ll definitely join in on this. thanks for organizing it.

  2. duncan Says:

    awesome. I’ll add a link.

  3. Nick Srnicek Says:

    I was actually planning on reading through Capital, Vol. 1 over the next month anyways, so I’ll try to add what I can to the conversation!

  4. duncan Says:

    Thanks lumpenprof! They’re wonderful 🙂

  5. Nate Says:

    hi Duncan,
    Thanks again for maintaining this list of links. I just realized I’m fucking up the Marx group feed, basically spamming everybody, because I’m writing other posts with “Marx” in the title but which are not part of the group. My bad. Sorry about that, to you and to everybody else in the reading group. I’ll have to start saying “Uncle Karl” or something in post titles that aren’t part of the reading group.
    take care,

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