Speculative Realism and Theology

January 23, 2009

Hat tip to Mikhail Emelianov for this fascinating link. It’s an account of the September 2008 Rome conference, The Grandeur of Reason. It’s interesting because it confirms (if we needed confirmation) how close much of ‘speculative realism’ is to some contemporary theology.

Speaking to an already mesmerised audience, John Milbank’s presentation showed why he is the most extraordinary figure to appear on the theological/philosophical scene in quite some time. With a shotgun delivery, Milbank proceeded to declare to the audience how our time was a time of ‘anti-Kantianism’, citing the movement of Speculative Realism as a fiery example (Brassier, Toscano, Meillassoux!) within philosophical circles. But it is Radical Orthodoxy, Milbank claimed, who take this ‘anti-Kantianism’ to its zenith

From further on:

Francois Laruelle’s plenary presentation was on the same panel as Mc Wherter’s and was entitled ‘the Science of Christ’.

Here’s the speculation; where’s the realism?


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